Top Home Remedies To Help You Beat Any Drug Test

A drug test is a common practice for employers, athletic officials, law enforcement agencies, and other professional organizations. Accordingly, if you are applying for a job or you are required to undergo a routine drug check, it is critical to avoid unnecessary red flags by leveraging the power of locally available or home-made remedies. Without much ado, the following is a quick overview of home remedies that you can use to beat your next drug test:




Many people believe that drinking lots of water a few days or weeks before a drug test will help you alter results. However, the truth is, it can actually interfere with your final outcome. It is recommended to drink as much water as your body can contain just a few hours before the test. This is because loading your kidney within a short time frame will dilute your urine to a point where the drug traces will not easily be detected. Although your body will not be cleaned of all the drug traces, your urine will become temporarily diluted. 


Increase Fluid Intake


Juices such as cola sodas, iced tea, beer, and cranberry all act as a diuretic. For better results, drink them about 4 hours before taking a drug test---at least 48 ounces or as much as your body can stand. Along with juices, you can consume foods or products with high liquid content. For instance, you can take broth-based soups and fruits, such as apples, berries, and watermelon to dilute your urine. 


Red Meat


Many urine-based drug tests measure creatinine levels to establish the integrity of your urine---that is, determining whether you've diluted your urine. If you've tried to dilute your urine, therefore, it is vital to mask the fact. One of the best ways of doing this is boosting your creatinine levels by consuming protein-rich red meat. Considering that it can take up to 2 days for creatine to be metabolized into creatinine, it is advisable to begin consuming creatine-rich foods and supplements 48 to 72 hours before taking the test. 


Exercise and Fiber Intake


High fiber intake and exercise will speed up your body metabolism, and in turn, cleanse your system faster. However, it is advisable not to rely on this method alone. When combined with other methods, however, it can go a long way in helping you cleanse your system prior to a drug test or before attempting detoxification.


Rolaids and Tums


Boosting your salt and mineral intake by consuming several tums will boost your "specific gravity". There are drug testers who also check for this by measuring your urine sample to ascertain if it is denser than water (and not totally diluted). 


Vitamin B


Taking foods rich in vitamin B complex has been proven to turn urine to a healthy shade of yellow. Before taking a drug test, therefore, it is recommended to consume 50-100 mg of the vitamin. 




This is mostly used by people who are planning to test for amphetamine use in an effort to reduce the pH of their urine. Generally, amphetamines are excreted up to 3 times faster when your urine has a lot of acids. Using vinegar is, therefore, believed to reduce the detection time for this type of drug. 


Midstream Samples


Knowing the right sample to take a drug test can also boost your chances of beating most drug testing procedures. Strive not to take the first urine of the day for a drug test. It is usually considered the 'dirtiest' as it is filled with a lot of incriminating substances. So, before taking a drug test, it is advisable to urinate a couple of times. Additionally, when you are ready to pee in the drug testing cup, avoid submitting the beginning or end of your urine stream. Instead, urinate in the toilet, take a break, and then continue in the testing cup. 


Final Thoughts


To increase your chances of beating a drug test, you need to administer your own drug test at home. Although drug testing strips are a bit costly, they will give you a good indication of whether you will pass the test or not. If you fail, there are higher chances that you were not very thorough with your detoxification process, and that you need to revisit your methods.